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P5 Community Page

Here's the P5 Yahoo group where you can discuss anything regarding the P5, and download some files. it was made in response to the problems with the old Essential Reality forums where unfortunately new users can no longer signup. (although anyone can still read it) (update: it's now completely broken)

So on the Yahoo Group you should register yourself. unfortunately you must register to do everything there, including download files. but since i'm sure there are people who don't wish to do anything but download files: i have made a yahoo account that you can use for this purpose, if you do not have your own account. (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)
just use this account for downloading files, it's for use by everyone, if you wish to do anything else please register your own username and password.

These are the official finished programs for the P5:

Hitman2. (game included with the P5)

Tiger Hunt. (game included with the P5)

Beach Head 2002 demo. (game included with the P5)

Air Lock. (game included with the P5). (author's website)

Black and White (B&W). link to patch (fileshack), alternate link (fileplanet)

Serious Sam II: The Second Encounter. link to patch

These are some other mostly internal Programs and Documents made officially and un-officially by Essential Reality and Nytric:

Official P5 Drivers ver2.0. broken link, link, alternate link

Official P5 Developer SDK. broken link, link
  • Seperate Windows and Linux downloads

  • The Windows SDK does not provide Absolute Mode Movement, since Absolute Mode is commonly wanted by developers i recommend grabbing Carl Kenner's Dual Mode Drivers and using that to enable Absolute Mode.
    • YPRModeTest source code. source code. (afaik this is the exact same code that is already included in the SDK, but i'll host it here just in case it's got something extra in it)

10LEDTEST. public version, source code plus other compiles

  • An internal Essential Reality test program, it tracks the P5 LEDs in absolute mode.
  • Numbered boxes correspond with the LEDs. Red boxes are LEDs that are being actively tracked, Yellow boxes are LEDS that are not being actively tracked. if you enable "use matrix" it will use mathematical formulae to triangulate the probable position of the yellow untracked LEDs.
  • This program was once covered by NDA, but it has since been released allowing full unrestricted distribution. Also the source code has been released.

  • There are 4 compiled versions of the program included with in the Source, from differing time periods. Older ones don't have the text markers for "Q to exit" and H for help. The Public version (not included with the source) from June 13 2002 is a few seconds (!) more recent than the compiled 3dLedTest_D.exe included with the source. But the compiled 8LEDTest.exe included with the source (not the public version) is the MOST recent compile, being from August 23 2002. However this most recent version seems to be designed for an ER internal non-standard or experimental version of P5DLL.DLL.

  • Perhaps also included in the source is the source for the P5 Gesture POC (see below).

  • Keys : up/down/left/right/PgUp/PgDn = slide camera
    SHIFT+ up/down/left/right = rotate camera
    P: Pause on/off
    M: Matrix on/off
    Q: Quit program
    (these following keys only work in windowed mode)
    -/=: Matrix/Fullscreen (depending on highlighted selection) off/on
    X: Matrix on/off
    F10: Pause on/off

    (these following keys only work in full screen mode)
    S: Text on/off (help incl)
    H: Add Help to Text on/off (not in the earliest compile)
    -/+: Adjust Text update speed

P5TEST. download
  • This is an internal test program for the P5's relative mode and finger bending. It tracks and shows all the translation and rotation axis seperately.
  • It was once covered by NDA, but now it is downloadable.

P5POC (3D gestures - proof of concept). download
  • This is a proof of concept showing how 3D gestures work with the P5. you can design, train and test various gestures. But you cannot actually control anything outside of the program.

  • This program was once covered by NDA, but has since been released.

Die By The Sword: Limb from Limb (P5 version)
  • A hacked version of the game "Die by the sword: Limb from Limb" (DBTS) originally by Interplay. it has been hacked to have both relative and absolute mode P5 control. you can bend the fingers to control the movement of the character (or just use the keyboard), while swinging the glove around to control the sword. another program is included to adjust movement sensativitys.

  • This is only available as a full game 445MB download, thererfore it is still covered by NDA to protect Interplay's copyright. Although if you already have the DBTS game with teh limb from limb patch, contact me and we can try exchanging certain files to see what files have been edited for the P5. Then after we figure this out, perhaps i can release it as a simple patch.

  • A demo of the original game can be found on various places around the net. Note that this will NOT be a P5 version, but using the mouse in VSIM mode will give you a feel for it, and is still pretty good. Some places to download the old non-P5 DBTS demo are here (broken link). there's a working download link at the BOTTOM of this page.

P5 USB Packet Format (technical documentation). (by Essential Reality and Nytric) link
  • Doc describing all of the USB packets between the P5 and PC

P5 driver source and sample apps source. (by Essential Reality and Nytric) link
  • The full source for the version 2 P5 driver

  • The source for some inhouse P5 sample applications that have not yet been released.

P5 Worldwide Patent. (by Nytric and Essential Reality) link
  • 40 pages of detailed info

  • Diagrams incl

P5 Community made Hacks, Mods, Edits, Driver Tweaks, Wrappers, Documents and tidbits

Modified musical P5 (by Timothy Lamb). link
  • Not a program, but a physical modification to allow the P5 glove to be seen no matter what angle it is at (stops the glove going out of view when palm is facing the reciever).

Disassembling the P5 (by Brian Bagnall). link
  • Brian has photo documented his disassembly of the P5 and Reciever.

LED UnWarping Explanation Documents. (by Carl Kenner) Download UnWarping.doc from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)
  • Unwarping.doc: Unwarping the LED co-ordinates, with pictures.

  • same, but with html formatting for those who can't read DOC files.

MechaPS (Mechanized Propulsion Systems) (by the MPS team). link
  • These guys are making a real full sized mech, i'm not joking. They are considering using dual P5 gloves as part of the control system

  • Part of their future plans include:

    • using the P5 with Juice (the Juice program is actually part of the MechaPS project).

    • left handed version

    • dual units at the same time

    • absolute and relative modes

    • Unix/Linux and Win32 development

  • if you can't access their news page, you can access it directly here

P5 Data collection program. (by Derrick Parkhurst) link
  • This is the source (a ready compiled exe version is also included) for a program that dumps (to a file) the movement, rotation and finger bending data in realtime for later analysis.

  • MS-Excell reads these files quite well.

P5 ID. (by taotao) Download from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)
  • Shows the Vendor ID and Product ID of your P5 Glove.

P5 3D Blender model. (by Gerwin de Haan) P5 model link, Blender site
  • A 3D model (made with the Blender modeling program) of the P5 glove has been made to assist in the refinement of the Absolute mode code (see open source projects below).

Dual Mode Drivers (Absolute Mode and Relative Mode), and new APIs. (by Carl Kenner). link (beta 3)
  • Using the official P5 driver source code, Carl has made a complete new version of the Drivers that allows you to use Relative Mode and Absolute Mode, among other things.

  • Features:
      * Compatible with existing relative or absolute mode P5 software
      * New APIs which can be called from Delphi, Visual Basic 6, Java, C, or Visual C++ 6.
      * Relative or Absolute mode
      * More accurate position and rotations
      * Filters: Averaging and Dead-band
      * Access to raw LED positions and other low-level data
      * Receptor tower can be moved and rotated
      * Prediction for when the glove is out of range
      * Initial glove orientation can be set
      * Velocities and Accelerations
      * LED errors can be measured
      * Absolute finger bend values
      * Gloves can be worn on the left hand
      * Sensitivity setting
      * Choice of units
      * Glove hot-spot can be set
      * Location of LEDs on the glove can be moved
      * INI files can be used to configure the driver for different applications

      * Left or Right handed coordinate space
      * Euler angles in different orders
      * Can tell when the glove is in range or not
      * Can retrieve previous frame data
      * Data is time stamped
      * Anything the original driver could do

P5 DirectInput Emulator. (by Carl Kenner). Version 0.03, you also need to download PPjoy link
  • This program has been superceeded by the PIE program mentioned below

  • The Directinput Emulator program is a program that converts the 6 P5 axis, 5 finger axis, 5 finger buttons, and the 4 top P5 buttons into choosable Joystick equivalents. So that you can use the P5 glove in any game where you would normally use a joystick. This greatly opens up the opportunitys for games that can be played with the P5.

  • Uses Absolute Mode

  • This program was originally uploaded to the P5 Yahoo Group File Section, if you wish to make sure you have the latest version.

  • You may need to fiddle with some PPjoy settings relative to the game you wish to run (by going into Control Panel --> Parallel Port Joysticks --> Mapping). Here is my recommended Default settings if you get lost, they allow for the use of all 6 movement axis as well as the Pointer finger and Thumb (sorry, only 2 fingers):
    image 1 image 2
    This will give you these results under Control Panel --> Game Controllers:
    The 2 Axis in the first Box are the P5's X (updown) and Y (leftright) movement/translation axis.

    the rest are in this order: Z (forward back) movement/translation axis,
    X rotation axis (yaw), Y rotation axis (pitch), Z rotation axis (roll),
    Thumb axis, Pointer Finger axis.
    image 3

  • At the moment it only allows for a total of 8 axis, so this mean that 3 axis at any one time have to be sacrificed. For example, above i have sacrificed the last 3 finger axis.

  • If you wish to use as many fingers as possible, read here.

  • This Program has been rendered redundant by PIE - below. Grab PIE instead.

PIE (Programmable Input Emulator) version 0.18. (by Carl Kenner) Download A_PIE_018.rar from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)
  • This is the more feature rich replacement to the DirectInput Emulator. Using a simple unique text programming language this program can be set to convert complex inputs from the P5, keyboard, mouse, joystick, voice, etc into outputs to the keyboard, joystick(via PPJoy), mouse, MIDI, voice etc. New input and output options are often added in updates.

  • A common thing to do is assign complex P5 gestures to keystrokes, thereby allowing any program to use P5 gestures.

  • It comes with PIE files for a few games and programs. You can load and save these yourself, you can also download PIE files for some programs and games from the yahoo group. If you have made some PIE files yourself that other people may find useful please upload them.

  • I was personally having troubles with the program until i disabled the "Mouse Read" function, which fixed it.

Gmouse. (by tpdiffenbach) Download from P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)
  • A Mouse Emulator for the P5 glove, to replace the internal hardware mousemode (mousemode must be turned off).

  • Coupled with Carl's Dual Mode Drivers, and you have Absolute Mode Mouse Movement.

P5 Linux Absolute Mode and Drivers. (by Jason Mcmullan) jason's site, download link
  • These initial Linux drivers included a program much like 10LEDTEST that used absolute mode and tracked the individual LEDs. this is the source for it all.

  • The code is being improved as part of the community absolute mode project (see below), so the most recent code would be found in the SVN repository (see below).

P5 Windows & Mac Absolute Mode and Drivers. (by Jason Mcmullan, Ross Bencina, Tim Kreger, and more) First version / Latest Public Compile, plus source code

  • The linux absolute mode code was tweaked and recompiled for windows, this is the compiled exe.

  • This is very important, because it also includes the source code, this is the first P5 windows absolute mode source code.

  • There is a source code repository (subversion code versioning system) here svn:// that anyone can access to see the latest absolute mode source code (and maybe help out if so inclined). A windows subversion client (needed to access the repository in windows) can be found here.

  • Questions about this ongoing project are often asked and answered in the P5 Yahoo Group.
  • Eric Lundquist seems to have done a similar project, in that he also has made a windows port of Jason's original linux absolute mode code.

P5osc (for Mac OSX). (by Tim Kreger) link
  • Converts glove data into OSC (Open Sound Control) messages.

P5 Python wrapper. (by d0pamine aka tdyar)
  • This allows you to program for the P5 glove in the Python programming language
  • I don't have a link for this, and i don't have it on my HDD.

P5 Delphi component. (by Andreas Ralf Schwarz) broken link, archived page, archived download 11/07/2004 ver1.25
  • This allows you to program for the P5 glove in the Delphi programming language

P5 BlitzBasic dll. (by Beeps) broken link, working link
  • This allows you to program for the P5 glove in the BlitzBasic programming language.

  • The working link is not the original userlib, i can no longer find it (if anyone has it, please contact me, the original filename was i scrounged this together from bits and pieces of things i'd got from from Beeps, hope it works.

  • Note that you CANNOT use external librarys (like this one) in the demo version of Blitzbasic, you must have the full version. This is because the blitzbasic demo version is based on a very old version of blitzbasic.

Virtools P5 interface dll component. (by Matthew) link, (you will also need to install the Virtools web plugin)
  • This allows you to interface the P5 glove with the Virtools web physics engine.

  • At time of writing i havn't been able to use this to get the P5 working in Virtools. but i've not had any Virtools experience.

These are the P5 community projects and programs that i am aware of:

P5 Sword. (by Beeps) link

  • Move and rotate a 3D hand with the glove. Bend your fingers to hold a sword and a sword will appear in your hand, do the same with a fireable gun.

P5 Throw (also called P5Pong). (by Beeps) link

  • Inspired by Tron, using 4 fingers, throw and release to throw a disc. Bend the thumb to return it.

P5 Hand. (by memoryaccessviolation) Download "p5" from the P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)

  • Similar to P5 Sword (above), this allows you to move a hand that emulates your motions (except for rotation, which can be obtained other ways).

  • It's a hand mesh that deforms based on finger movements, and moves around based on position.

    "I threw out rotation because it was too skippy. To rotate, you can hold down B and then set the position of a sphere that the hand is pointing towards (after setting position the sphere's offset from the hand is normalized). You can also move the glove without moving the hand by holding A. You can toggle usage of glove roll with C."

P5_Rope. (by memoryaccessviolation) Download "" from the P5 Yahoo Group (username: p5glovefiles password: blahblah)

  • This is a demo that allows you to move a rope around, with reasonably accurate physics. You can also cut the rope in a specific location with Left Mouse Botton (LBM) and to impulse at a specific location, use Right Mouse Button (RMB). To move the rope all fingers must be bent >32.

Cursed. (by Michael Mandel) link
  • A 3D swordfighting game that can use the P5 glove.

  • Move the P5 to the left/right or forward to trigger a pre-scripted sword attack

  • A showcase program for a bigger "Motion Synthesis Research" project.

Girder P5 plugin (windows automation). (by Zeger Knops) plugin link. Girder link
  • A plugin for the free Girder windows automation program, allowing the P5 to completely control and trigger many automated and macroed tasks through Girder.

P5Midi. (by Nicolas Fournel) link
  • Control a Midi device with the P5's various fingers and axis.

P5 Glove MIDI. (by Ross Bencina) link
  • Converts P5 glove data into MIDI in windows.

  • This is a bit like Nicholas Fournel's P5Midi application except the MIDI codes are hardwired, and the spatial data uses absolute mode.

Gestural Music Interface (by Joshua Benjamin). link
  • "A control interface to manipulate real-time musical signals in a 3D virtual space, based on the P5's characteristics and finger bending."

  • This program makes the P5 glove + computer into a musical instrument.

Rejoice (by Steve). link
  • "Rejoice turns your Joystick or P5 Glove into a MIDI controller."

G6000 Smart-Car (RC car control). (by "Mike" and Jarrod Rivituso) broken link. Archived Page
  • This was a university project to control a Remote Control Car using the P5 glove.

  • Source code from the project is downloadable from the site.

RobotGloveJava. (by Eric Lundquist) link.
  • A Java program that utilizes Carl's P5DLL.dll and the javax comm api to control a LynxMotionArm.

  • Source Code is available for download.

Yasara (3D DNA modeling). (by Yasara Sciences and The What If Foundation). link
  • Yasara: (Yet Another Science Artificial Reality Simulation).

  • YASARA is a molecular -graphics, -modeling and -simulation package for Linux and Windows. allowing you to model and simulate things like 3D molecules, protiens and DNA.

VRsystem (3D operating system). (by Dago) link
  • This program runs like an Virtual Reality Operating System, allowing you to use the P5 in VR to navigate various VR programs such as web browsers.

  • From memory, i don't think the version downloadable on the webpage is the most recent version, and perhaps does not have P5 support. in that case, email the creator and ask for the latest version.

Virtual sculptor. (by Alexander Ivanov) link
  • A 3D modeling program that primarily uses the P5 glove as input. A first.

VRED (Virtual Reality Editor). (manufactured and marketed by AMZ GmbH) link
  • A Virtual Reality System for visualization of complex 3d Scenes.

Grab TV. (Commercial Venture) link
  • Using the P5 or a mouse, this is a system developed to interface with digital tellevision to allow people to GRAB or click a product they are interested in, and it will display information about that product and allow you to instantly buy it.

My Stuff.

P5 Pyramid. (by roid) link.
  • The fruits of my first 3D programming attempt. Move and rotate a 3D pyramid with the P5.

  • Press 0 and 1 to turn filtering on and off.

  • Source and a project file for Dev-C++ is included.

P5 Sword Target. (by roid) link.
  • A simple edit of P5 Pyramid, a polygonal sword that you can wave around and pierce panels with. Because it uses the dualmode drivers - it's movement is more realistic than other P5 sword programs (at this time).

  • Press 0 and 1 to turn filtering on and off.

  • Source and a project file for Dev-C++ is included.

Juice controllable 4 fingered Hand Model. (by roid) model link, Juice link (to download click "installing"), you will also need Carl's previously mentioned DirectInput driver/emulator program - or PIE.
  • To get this working you must setup PPjoy like this:

  • While PPjoy is setup like this only the first 4 fingers of the P5 will work, NO other axis will work. So keep this in mind, and make note your previous PPjoy setup as you will no doubt wish to reset back to it.

Programs that are possibly well suited to future patching for P5 functionality



Jedi Knight 2

TRON 2.0

3D Studio Max


Misc Images

s_frit also has a site just like this one that co-incidentally he made at the almost exact same time that i made this one! he found a lot of the stuff from google searches (i never thought of that) so it's got some P5 programs that i havn't found. i'll try to incorporate them into this page in time.

here's a Yahoo group where you can discuss anything regarding the P5. it was made in response to the problems with the old Essential Reality forums where unfortunately new users can no longer signup. (although anyone can still read it)

email roid (<- remove the antispam bit) about anything, ppl are always asking questions and stuff. especially tell me if a link is broken, i have all these programs backed up on my HDD (and elsewhere) and may be able to either email it to you or re-upload it somewhere. Tell me if you spot a P5 program or something of interest that would go well on this page. I'd like this page to be as complete as possible and don't want to miss any community projects.


Page last updated: 21st September 2005