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-> What kind of present did you buy to your family or yourself fover the Holiday Season?

High Tech stufff, bought on the internet: too cold/lazy/crowdy to go outside!
High Tech stuff, but bought directly in the shop: I was too late to order...
More traditional stuff because my family is not that nerdy, but ordered on the internet because damn I am a nerd!
More traditional stuff, and in shops... I am a nerd but I am late... And Damn all those crowds!
I don't buy presents. I don't have family nor friends. I am the only one here who can really pretend to be a Nerd...



Become a Writer for ZZZ Online! (URL:


Ok, so it's 1:00 AM and I'm writing about ZZZ. That typifies what ZZZ stands for; staying up too late, scouring the internet for the strangest and most hardcore technology rather than getting some much needed "ZZZs".

ZZZ is about a lot of things, and this entry will outline some of the things ZZZ has been, is, and hopes to be someday.

History of ZZZ Online

ZZZ Online first appeared on the Internet in October 1999 by the efforts of Lordkolya. Lordkolya hailing from Moscow, Russia, started ZZZ Online so he could learn English better by writing about interesting things he found on the 'Net. Well, I think he accomplished his goal and thus was born ZZZ.

Lordkolya has since retired from his post at ZZZ but still maintains an active interest in its success.

ZZZ Online Today

Today, things have changed somewhat ... we have replaced the classic Perl/HTML look with a dynamic PHP/MySQL-based "engine" that we've developed ourselves as an open-source project. Although the look may have changed, ZZZ Online is still committed to bringing articles based on that extreme and off-center technology that ZZZ Online has become known for. Military, science, or just plain weird, you never know what you're going to get.

In the words of others ...

"I enjoy the off-the wall content, intro to upcoming technologies and I honestly appreciate the obviously high level of background research and hard work you invest in it."


Sites that link to us ...

Currently, ZZZ Online is being edited by Killdashnine and Roidy. Much of our original staff has left to attend University or to pursue other life interests, most recently Arhines. This has been an unfortunate loss to us, but we plan to continue by finding new writers and focusing on our original mission.

Currently we are completely revising the code that runs ZZZ, which will make content submission in the form of articles, news, and reviews considerably easier.

What is ZZZ?

Whereas the quintessential websites such as Slashdot make their claim to fame as being "News Sites" about technology, ZZZ is more of a leap into the future of technology.

ZZZ is that place where you find yourself when it's late at night and you're online surfing aimlessly. Think of yourself a hopeless geek, scouring the net for interesting things to read about. At some point, you've found that you've read enough and your mission becomes a commentary on such things ... a twisting threaded mess of logic and illogic; a dialogue perhaps to nobody that someone always reads.

ZZZ is a community of saavy and interesting geeks who choose to find a peaceful isle of intellectual pursuits amidst Slashdot and the wannabes.

Quite simply, ZZZ is. Need anyone say anything more?

What ZZZ is NOT

ZZZ is not a Blog, it is not a News site, it is not a dictionary.

How Can I Participate in ZZZ Online?

If you are interested in becoming a writer for ZZZ Online, we really want your help! You can find all the information you need at The Writers Guide to ZZZ Online.

ZZZ Online has been online for four years and would like to continue reaching it's tech-hungry international audience with satisfying articles about the strange and unique site of tech. If you want to help, please contact killdashnine and introduce yourself. We'll be happy to have you!


ZZZ Online has been around for a while and will be around for some time to come, particularly with your help.

You don't have to be a writer to help ZZZ though ... feel free to add comments and engage in lively discussion, to submit news, and send us links and thoughts about articles you'd like to see.