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-> What kind of present did you buy to your family or yourself fover the Holiday Season?

High Tech stufff, bought on the internet: too cold/lazy/crowdy to go outside!
High Tech stuff, but bought directly in the shop: I was too late to order...
More traditional stuff because my family is not that nerdy, but ordered on the internet because damn I am a nerd!
More traditional stuff, and in shops... I am a nerd but I am late... And Damn all those crowds!
I don't buy presents. I don't have family nor friends. I am the only one here who can really pretend to be a Nerd...



Become a Writer for ZZZ Online! (URL:

The ZZZ Writer's Guide

Writing for ZZZ Online

Do you have a flare for writing interesting online articles? Perhaps you've been Blogging for a while now but you (like me) have come to realize that as everyone else has a Blog, nobody actually reads them!

Whomever you are, if you are interested in writing articles, news, and reviews about strange and bizarre technology, and the cutting-edge stuff that's out there on the internet, we want you to help make ZZZ Online a thriving internet community.

For basic guidelines about what ZZZ is, please consult the ZZZ FAQ.

Basic Requirements

We at ZZZ Online aren't terribly picky. We would like all writers to have a reasonably good handle on English, but we do have reviewers available to proofread our articles prior to publication.

Our best writers have either a strong interest in tech with a considerable command of modern science. This isn't news, remember ... so be prepared to slog through the details.

We'd also like all of our writers to submit articles as frequently as possible. Because this is a volunteer only site, we have no publication demands at this time.

How to Write for ZZZ

Ok, sit down for a minute. Close your eyes. Turn your computer (on if it's not already).

... Breathe in ... Breathe out ...

Ok, now remember to keep this practice going ... you'll need the oxygen that breathing provides for the next step.

Writing for ZZZ is probably not as hard as you'd think. You start off with an idea. Think of some wacky tech you've recently encountered or just go surfing on the Net freely with a bent towards science and technology. I usually see or hear something that intrigues me and then I say "what if?" and go off on a tangent.

Your job as a writer for ZZZ is to bring attention to the extreme and potentially weird side of tech. Get into the details. Stay away from simply rehashing news you see on ANY other site ... leave the topical "gee whiz" articles to MSN, Yahoo, and other Media sites. Your job is to go out there as far as you can and take one step beyond, creating an interesting one-stop read that someone will enjoy.

Writing like this is challenging at first, but it's addictive. Soon, everything becomes a potential ZZZ article.

What about format? Well, there's a ton of creative license here. The goal is to have a story. Construct a dialog ... start with something that's interesting, but not what you really want to talk about. Elaborate on this or elaborate upon something completely different. Finally, take a wild turn and get to what you're really meaning to talk about in the first place. This is NOT journalism, it's entertainment! It's food for thought. If at the end of an issue, you've not stirred up a lively discussion, you haven't done your job, son.

For those prone to the "short and sweet", just dig to the core of what you want to talk about. Include engaging "eye candy" and a sufficent number of links to original resources.

Quick Tips for Writing

Provide lots of "eye candy" to make the article visually stimulating. Try to find unique pictures that aren't simply copied from other sites.

Include a number of original hyperlinks. Link to the source ... not a news article.

Feel free to beat around the bush. It is important to tell a story sometimes.

Relish wild ideas for the sake of discussion, but don't make things up.

But always make your articles rich with science and technology. Don't water them down.

Check your math if you do any.

ALWAYS check your links.


ZZZ Online will continue to build tools to aid our writers in their creative works. We currently feature an online editor and will soon have a complete file transfer system so that you may upload and manipulate your images that go along with your articles.

If you have the spirit, drop that rusty old Blog and write for a real audience! Welcome to ZZZ!